Busy Season is Here!

Hey everyone! Busy season has kicked in and I’ve been painting like a madman in Michigan. Right now I have a 10,000 sq ft commernial job and then a 2300 sq ft residential back to back. I’m looking to hire some painters for help, but the problem is, there aren’t any worth a crap to even hire for 12 bucks. I’ve been doing everything by myself but making good money! I’ll have some pics up soon.

Journal April 14th

Hey Everyone! Sorry for a bit of delay with the updates. I’ve been working on refinishing some cabinets at home and it has turned out to be quite the chore!! I’ve stripped and sanded but the wood will not take the new stain =(. I’ve tried both the oil based and latex based stains to see if maybe the previous stain job was the opposite of what I was using. Latex and Oil will never mix, so if I used a latex over an oil, the oil would push the new stain out. I’ll try and upload some pictures soon. I ended up with the Minwax Polyshades which I highly suggest staying away from. It’s pure crap. TTYL! Xander