Busy Season is Here!

Hey everyone! Busy season has kicked in and I’ve been painting like a madman in Michigan. Right now I have a 10,000 sq ft commernial job and then a 2300 sq ft residential back to back. I’m looking to hire some painters for help, but the problem is, there aren’t any worth a crap to even hire for 12 bucks. I’ve been doing everything by myself but making good money! I’ll have some pics up soon.

Wash Walls to Freshen a Room Instead of Painting!

Wash Walls to Freshen a Room Instead of Painting

The two-bucket method of cleaning

By using the following two-bucket method for washing walls, you will be able to transform a dirty looking wall quickly and do an amazing job.

Cleaning supplies

You’ll need a sponge, three terry fabric cleaning cloths and two buckets. Old bath towels cut into square make ideal cleaning cloths. You’ll also need an all purpose cleaning solution and a stepping stool or a ladder.

Getting started

Fill one bucket halfway with a mixture of all purpose cleaning solution and water (according to the container’s directions). Fill the other bucket halfway with clear water. Keep the buckets close to your working area and use a good ladder or proper scaffolding.

  1. Dip the sponge about a half inch into the cleaning solution. Don’t wring it out.
  2. Spread the solution onto an area of about 3 x 3 feet on the top left corner using the dry part of the sponge to catch drips.
  3. By the time you’ve finished spreading the solution on this area, it is starting to loosen the dirt. This prepping will do 70-80% of the job for you. Go back to where you started and go over it again.
  4. Rinse the sponge in the bucket of plain water and squeeze the excess out. The dirt from the wall will stay in the water.
  5. Take your folded terry cleaning cloth and wipe the sponged area quickly before it dries. This removes any remaining soap and dirt and helps to buff the walls so there is no streaking.
  6. Dip the rinsed out sponge in the cleaning solution and repeat the process on another 3 x 3 foot section until the walls are sparkling clean.

The cleaning solution stays clear throughout the process. It’s doing the majority of the work for you. The clear water is now holding the dirt from the wall. Replace the water when it gets really dirty.

By using the two bucket method for cleaning walls, you’re letting the cleaning solution do the work for you and then buffing it to a nice finish with the terry cleaning cloth. There’s less dripping, less streaking and you’ll only need a small amount of cleaning solution. You could have an entire room finished in less time than it takes you to drive to the store to buy paint

A Guide on How to Paint Your Bedroom

A Guide on How to Paint Your Bedroom

Step-by-Step Instructions Supplies, Preperation and Execution


It is important to decide upon a color before you begin gathering supplies for painting a bedroom. Choose a color that complements both the occupant’s personality and bedroom furniture. No matter how much one likes the color, one probably doesn’t want to have neon green walls in a room decorated with brown and grey furniture.


Choose a color that emits the type of mood one wants to wake up to every day. Depending upon your personality colors may affect your psyche differently. However, bright shades of red and yellow usually emote a happy and energetic mood, whereas pale blue and green tend to have a calming effect.

Assemble Painting Supplies


After deciding upon a color, visit your local home improvement store and purchase necessary painting supplies. Painting a bedroom requires at least one gallon of paint in the color of choice, masking tape, painters’ plastic or a drop cloth, one or more paintbrushes, a roller and a tray. If you are changing the color or painting over a discolored wall, one coat of primer will also be required.


It is also advisable to prepare yourself by wearing clothes that can get painted and keep several towels on hand to clean up messes. Now it is time to prepare the bedroom for painting.

Prepare The Bedroom Before Painting


Remove all the furniture and cover the floor with plastic, canvas or old blankets. Use masking tape to secure the plastic or cloth and cover anything else that might be ruined by paint; consider covering electrical outlets, doorknobs and light switches. It is best to remove switchplates altogether.


Next, apply a three- or four-inch strip of masking tape around the top perimeter of the bedroom to protect the ceiling. You may also decide to mask light fixtures and window frames to protect them from any paint spray.

Begin Painting


Using a paintbrush, paint a two- to four-inch outline along the edges of the floor, ceiling, window and door frames and fixtures, as well as in the corners. Use a smaller paintbrush to cover any intricate areas that are unreachable by roller, such as a radiator. Load the brush with paint about halway up the bristles, then roll one side of the brush over the shallow end of the painters’ pan to remove any excess.


Then use the roller to cover large surfaces with paint, being careful not to overload the roller or else it will drip paint and cover the space unevenly.


After the entire room is coated, allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat. (Check the paint label for recommended drying times.) If a base coat of primer is used, a second coat of coloured paint is not always necessary, but it definitely makes the paint color bolder and more attractive.



The room should be allowed to dry at least 18 hours before all the protective masking tape and plastic is removed from the room. Make sure the walls are dry and the color is the shade that you desire before cleaning up and returning furniture to its original position.

When is it The Right Time for Painting Outdoors?: Know How Weather can Help or Hurt with Outside Painting Projects

When is it The Right Time for Painting Outdoors?: Know How Weather can Help or Hurt with Outside Painting Projects

Not sure when painting outdoors is right? Changeable weather can seem to put outdoor painting projects on indefinite hold. Here’s a breakdown of how to work with the weather and, whenever possible, reap its benefits to fit any schedule.

Is Painting Outdoors Okay Right After a Rain?

Surprisingly, sometimes rain can be very helpful. If painting with a water-based paint (latex, acrylic latex or 100% acrylic), painting stucco or wooden fences can be easier with the dampness, particularly in hotter climates.

The reason? Water-based paint applied directly to a hot dry surface immediately separates the water from the balance of the paint’s ingredients. The wood or stucco acts like a sponge, leaving the rest of the paint to sit on the hot surface. Because the heat causes the water to evaporate very quickly, a proper bond between paint and surface is rarely achieved. When painting outdoors, the dampness from a recent rain can make all the difference.

To simulate the “just rained” conditions, use the mist setting on a garden hose nozzle to spray down the surface. Begin painting when the surface is no longer dripping wet but still damp. Paint projects will last twice as long with this method but this only works with water-based paints.

What is the Best Temperature for Painting Outdoors?

For best results, painting outdoors between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 22 degrees Celsius) is ideal. More importantly, be sure to always follow the sun. For example, if the front door is to be painted but it faces the sunrise, it is wise to wait with this painting project until the sun is on the other side of the house. By then, any morning dew will be gone (important when using oil-based paint) and the surface will have started to cool.

To prevent the solvent in oil-based paint from evaporating too quickly, it may help to add some Penetrol or other oil paint conditioner to keep the wet edge longer and enable the paint to flow better.

Can Too Much or a Lack of Humidity Cause Painting Problems?

Absolutely. High humidity and oil-based paint don’t mix. The surface moisture will be trapped under the dry paint film, causing the paint to blister when the moisture tries to escape. It’s a wise idea to wait for a drier day or, depending on the project, consider switching to a water-based paint. Even if there isn’t any surface moisture, high humidity can cause oil-based paint to take an excessive amount of time to dry.

Conversely, extremely low humidity can cause water-based paint to dry far too quickly. The addition of a latex paint conditioner such as Floetrol can help this situation. Just like an oil-based paint conditioner, Floetrol will extend the drying time of latex paint making it easier to use and prevent “dragging” when brushing or rolling.

Times When Painting Outdoors Should be Avoided Altogether

Painting outdoors in strong winds can have the paint end up everywhere but where it was intended, the worst case scenario being on a neighbor’s house or car. A clean up job like this can be very expensive so try to avoid any wind whenever possible.

Some other conditions where painting outdoors should be avoided:

  • excessive heat or cold
  • during a rain or snowfall
  • when rain or snow is imminent

Whether painting stucco, a fence or the trim on the house, painting outside isn’t difficult if the necessary precautions are taken and these exterior house painting tips are followed.

Journal April 14th

Hey Everyone! Sorry for a bit of delay with the updates. I’ve been working on refinishing some cabinets at home and it has turned out to be quite the chore!! I’ve stripped and sanded but the wood will not take the new stain =(. I’ve tried both the oil based and latex based stains to see if maybe the previous stain job was the opposite of what I was using. Latex and Oil will never mix, so if I used a latex over an oil, the oil would push the new stain out. I’ll try and upload some pictures soon. I ended up with the Minwax Polyshades which I highly suggest staying away from. It’s pure crap. TTYL! Xander

House Painting – Hiring a Contractor and Limiting Expense

House Painting – Hiring a Contractor and Limiting Expense

For painting projects, the hard task is how to find a good contractor and how to make the project as friendly to the pocket as possible. Here’s what you can do.

Ask questions

If you are in a hurry looking for a contractor, the tendency is that you will not ask questions, which is the worst thing you can do. Here are four sample questions.

  • Is the contractor capable of fulfilling your needs and requirements?

Many contractors have the tendency to suggest the kind of job they already had done with their past clients. Don’t be coerced into saying yes.

Specify your requirements and let them be the ones to agree to the specific project you have in mind; better if you can make them agree to do the job under your budget.

  • Are they good at prepping surfaces?

The hard part in painting projects is preparation or prepping. This includes scraping, sanding and priming the surfaces. Since prepping is the harder part of the project, this is where contractors usually fail.

When talking to them, ask them how they do prepping and when assessing the quality of their past projects, assess it on the basis of prepping.

  • Do they put everything in writing?

Your deal with the painting company can go awry. Disagreements and misunderstandings between a client and a contractor do happen, and it can happen right in the middle of the project.

When that happens to you and your contractor, you have the contract or the terms and conditions to refer to. Keep all papers related to the project in a safe location where they can be easily accessed.

  • Can they give you an estimate?

Once you have three or four qualified painters in mind, invite them over to your home and make them give you an estimate. For every estimate, make sure that they give you the details in writing.

Details include their contact information, the specific job to complete, the products and the colors to use, the total cost, and the completion date.

If a company can’t come to your home to make an estimate, they are probably too busy to give you their time or they have more important things to do. How they treat you now reflects how they will treat you from the moment you close a deal with them.

How to limit expense

The national average expense for house painting is $2,581.00. Most homeowners pay between $1,714 and $3,682. The number of stories in a house and ease of access can significantly affect cost.

Here are saving tips for this project.

  • Consider doing the project in spring or winter. Charges are higher during summer when many undertake house painting projects.
  • To get discounts from your contractor, allow some flexibility in terms of scheduling and delays. Contractors have tight schedules. Being patient with your contractor’s lapses may result to lower charges.
  • Consider telling your contractor that you plan to recommend them to your family and friends. The vote of confidence will surely encourage them to do their job better, and consider slashing product and manpower costs.
  • Ask for it. There’s nothing wrong with trying your luck asking your contractor to lower the charges. These people understand that clients may also be trying to make both ends meet.

Prepare Your Home for the Contractor

It is true that part of a contractor’s job is to move furniture and fixtures and put them back in on completion, but if you can lend them a hand by doing this yourself, it will surely make the contractor happy, and try to look one more time on the quotation for more cost reduction.

How to Find the Best Professional Painter for Your Project

How to Find the Best Professional Painter for Your Project

      How to Find the Best Professional Painter for Your Project

Many residents in our time are eager to be aware of a leading company with a specialization in the best in class interior house painting services. This is because they have planned to improve the overall attractiveness of the interior of their house within the budget and the schedule. It is the right time to make contact with the most reliable Interior House Painting service provider and invest in the customized services without a doubt. If you are a beginner to the painting services, then you have to consider a wide range of the most significant things and make an informed decision about how you make use of professional painting services as per your requirements.   Qualified and committed interior painters in our time listen to every aspect of overall expectations of every client. They provide the most competitive prices of customized interior painting services at the appointed time as expected by their clients.

There are loads of choices soon after you have geared for choosing an interior painting contractor in your area.  However, you have to be conscious on all your requirements on the Interior House Painting at first and compare top companies in this competitive sector. This is worthwhile to consider and bear in mind about the overall reputation, quality of products and services, customer support on time, clear report, cost of customized painting service, professionalism and uniqueness in the overall painting services, recommendations and other things while comparing the most suggested interior house painters online.  Individuals of every age group have different expectations about how they enhance every aspect of interior of their room.  Once you have ensured all your ideas about the interior painting issues, you can contact and consult with specialized interior house painters. You will get an overview about how to hire a qualified professional in the interior house painting and make an informed decision about an easy way towards the best investment in the painting service.

Residential and commercial painting contractors in our time provide eye-catching features of different categories of professional yet inexpensive services.  You have to focus on unbiased online reviews about the interior house painters soon after you have planned for investing in this genre of premium yet affordable service. Out of the ordinary elements associated with the Interior House Painting services these days give the highest possible return on investment for all clients.  You can get in touch with the most reputable painting contractor with a specialization in interior residential painting services and seek advice from how to make your dreams about t he interior room painting  issues come true.  The most impressive colours of interior and exterior of the residential building do not fail to make residents satisfied and grasp the attention of every guest almost immediately.

Every painter with an expertise and years of experiences in this competitive profession nowadays uses the best resources and professional techniques for enhancing every aspect of their painting services.  They are very conscious about every brush stroke and the overall quality of the painting service as expected by their clients. They get the most excellent recognition and satisfied clients all through the nation day after day because the first-class yet reasonably priced interior painting service.  If you have ensured every aspect of your interior home painting requirements, budget and schedule, then you can visit a trustworthy online company known by the customized interior painting services.  Almost every leading painting service provider ensures 100% satisfaction for all clients on a regular basis. This is because every member of staff of this company understands the importance of providing the customized support and services on time within the budget as specified by their clients.

Certified interior house painters listen to every requirement of their clients and provide the most outstanding services without delay. They take care of all aspects of the residential and interior painting project with an aim to make every client satisfied. They efficiently use the most outstanding painting equipment and apply professional techniques for enhancing the overall attractiveness of the interior painting beyond expectations of their clients. They are licensed and fully insured to operate in the nation.  They make sure that their painting services last for several decades and support clients to save money on future painting work.

You can confidently hire a certified interior house painter after you have ensured about the overall quality of the work, professionalism in the service, the prompt and reliable support, free estimate, affordable yet customized painting services and ever-increasing recommendations from happy clients throughout the nation. You can make contact with the friendly customer support team of the reputable painting company online and get the absolute guidance about how to take advantage of an appropriate interior painting service as per your requirements. You will be happy and confident to invest in the professional interior painting service from a trustworthy company.


Hiring the Best Painting Contractors for Your Interior

Hire well experienced Interior Painters and get benefits from the best painting services

The latest interior painting and decoration projects and professional services grasp the attention of everyone with a desire to enhance the pleasant appearance of indoors of the building at a reasonable price on time. Reasonable prices of customized painting services in our time provide a wide range of favourable things for all clients of well-known painting contactors throughout the nation. If you compare customized services of qualified Interior Painters in your area, then you can get an overview about how to choose a certified interior painter and take advantage of a customized yet an affordable painting service without delay.  You have to consider the overall quality and the cost of the interior painting contractor soon after you have decided for enhancing the attractiveness indoors by using the professional service from an interior painter.  Crystal clear details about various aspects of interior painting services these days support all readers of honest reviews of reputable interior painting service providers in the nation.

It is the right time to pick the best in class nature of the interior colour scheme.  You may have any idea about the interior paint colour and decoration issues at this time. If you have successfully chosen the paint colour based on your expectations, then you can use the professional painting service and get the desired colour of every room indoors.  This is worthwhile to consider major elements of the room like furniture, wallpaper, tile and fabrics to decide on the colour among a list of colours appropriate with the room. Do not forget that your personal preference plays a leading role while choosing the paint colour.  If you assess the room in all attributes and think about how your room gives the desired mood every time you enter, then you can narrow down a list of choices on the subject of interior paint colours without any difficulty and delay.

Experts in the interior paint related services do not fail to consider lighting. This is because they make sure about the overall impact of the lighting in the level of satisfaction of all people who have chosen the paint colour for their room.  This is advisable to consider and remember how natural light, recessed fixtures and light from different lamps of the room affect the paint colour.  You may get confused with some complex elements associated with the paint colour selection for every area of the interior of your building. You can make contact with the most reliable Interior Painters at this time and discuss with specialists in the professional painting services. You will get the absolute guidance and fulfil all your expectations about how to successfully use the customized interior painting services without compromising any favourable thing.

The light or dark colour of the paint in every room of the residential, industrial or commercial building plays an important role behind the attraction of the overall interior.  You will get the best result when you have chosen the intense colour for active space of the building.  If you have successfully tested the colour choice by using the best guidance and reliable service from an interior painter, then you can make an informed decision and invest in the most excellent interior painting service.  Individuals who think about how to make their room with different windows and doors attractive nowadays can prefer the different paint finishes done by professionals in interior painting. They will get the most expected cohesive look in their room and impress every guest almost immediately. They will be happy to use the customized interior painting service within the budget as well as schedule.

Qualified Interior Painters pay attention to all requirements of their clients and discuss with every client for successfully providing the customized services on time. They enhance their expertise about how to use different categories of resources and professional techniques associated with this competitive industry on a regular basis. This is because they make sure about remarkable benefits for all clients who get the first-class yet affordable interior painting service.  Certified interior painters work closely with paint suppliers and other companies related to their line of work. They understand their responsibility to reduce the impact on the overall environment.

You may wish to use the interior painting service for enhancing the attractiveness of one room in the residence or an entire building. You can directly make contact with a licensed interior painter right now and get the best support for successfully using the professional painting service on time. You will be satisfied with the most exceptional support and customized interior painting services from a team of specialists in this sector.  If you have any doubt associated with the interior painting service, then you can make contact with the interior painter of good reputation online and clarify your doubts before investing in the customized painting services.

ugly wallpaper painting over

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?


Painting over Wallpaper: Learn Tips and Tricks to Cover Wall Treatments with Paint

Unfortunately older wallpaper can be very difficult to remove from your walls, especially if the walls were not property sized prior to wallpaper application. If you are in a situation where removing the wallpaper is causing more damage than it’s worth then you can paint over wallpaper and still have great results.

The key to getting great results when painting over wallpaper is treating the walls and the wallpaper properly before you add the paint. If you don’t you can actually have some disastrous results and leave the wall looking saggy and worse than it did before.

Treat the Wallpaper

Before you paint over wallpaper you have to make sure the wallpaper is in the best shape possible. If the old wallpaper is peeling in parts you’ll want to cut or peel those parts away or you can paste them onto the wall. Examine the edges as well to make sure they’re adhering well.

Patch Holes and Gaps

If you ended up cutting out any parts of the wallpaper or there are gaps between strips you’ll want to fill them in with wallboard compound. Let this dry and sand it for a smooth finish. Some people do a skim coat over the entire wall to eliminate the texture on the wallpaper but getting the wallboard compound entirely smooth takes a lot of work and experience.

Prime the Wall with Oil

Using an oil based primer is essential to getting a good finish when you’re painting over wallpaper. Water based or latex paints can soften the old paste between the wall and the wallpaper and actually cause your wallpaper to slip and bubble. The priming step just can’t be skipped as your paint may not want to adhere to the paper without an oil based primer, especially if its vinyl.

Base Coat and Texture

One of the problems with most wallpapers is there is a texture to the paper, even if its slight and seems unnoticeable it will appear more evident once the wall is painted, especially if you’re using a solid color or a flat paint. You don’t have to incorporate a texture to your wall but most people prefer adding one to eliminate the wallpaper texture and to make the wall match other walls in the home.

Painting Wallpaper

And finally, paint over the wallpaper. You can use either an oil or a latex based paint for the wall once you’ve primed your wallpaper with an oil based primer. Because imperfections and flaws in the wallpaper become more evident with solid colors and flat paint its recommended that you use at least an eggshell finish and consider trying your hand at a faux finish to give your wall some other visual interest to distract from any pattern and imperfection. There is a chance that if you apply multiple layers of paint you can eliminate or reduce the appearance of wallpaper patterns or flaws.

Remember when painting over wallpaper that you’re actually creating more layers and thickening the paper which will make it even harder to remove in the future. So if you’re considering painting over wallpaper just to avoid taking it down you’re probably going to cause more problems in the long run and you’re better off removing the wallpaper. But if your wallpaper is not going to budge without pulling off some drywall then painting over the wallpaper is probably the best option for you